Medicare Insurance



For seniors 65 and older or people under 65 years old that are considered fully disabled, and receive Medicare benefits




There are two ways to enroll into a Medicare Health plan with Global Care Medical Group, IPA:

Medicare Advantage (Medicare only or Medicare+Medi-cal Recipients)

  • Open enrollment will be going on October 7th-December 15th for straight Medicare recipients, in that time frame you can enroll for a health plan. If it is out of the open enrollment period, you must have something that qualifies you for a special enrollment period (e.g. have a low income subsidy, a chronic medical condition, or Medi-cal eligibility along with Medicare). To enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan, you can contact the carrier by phone, by going on their website, or by contacting our Global Care Representatives at Phone: 562-513-3970 Email:
    Medicare Advantage Health Plans available: Health Net, Central & Brand New Day

Click the link below to enroll!

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Cal Mediconnect (Fully dually eligible Medicare & Medi-cal recipients Medi-Medi)

  • Many consumers get auto-assigned to managed care plans, under the state of California. Consumers dually eligible for full scope (both Medicare & Medi-cal) benefits, can also apply for a Cal-Mediconnect plan by calling Health Care Options at (844)-580-7272 select a plan and doctor with Global Care Medical, Group IPA. Cal Mediconnect Health Plans available: LA Care & Molina